People Are Really Going Coconuts For The Supreme MetroCards


Supreme’s latest and most accessible collaboration has left New Yorkers facing joy and for others, sheer pain. The brand released a Supreme-branded MetroCard on Monday (Feb. 20) with the two swiped item going for more than ten times its normal cost.

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Announced earlier this month, the New York-based brand announced the limited edition item for their Spring/Summer 2017 collection. In true fandom action, fashionable folks flocked to the¬†Broadway-Lafayette Street, 125th Street, Queens Plaza, Marcy Ave, Atlantic Ave, Prince Street, Spring Street, and Union Square subway stations to cop the item. By Monday evening, amNewYork reported that the cards had sold out. The MTA’s twitter page also subtly advised buyers not to fall for the okie-doke¬†in the name of fashion.

Social media was left with feelings of hilarity and apathy after watching the madness ensue.

Resellers have already gotten their hands on the item, bumping the prices from $5.50 to nearly $100.


Word to the wise, keep your coins.

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