.They Delivers Their Debut Album, ‘Nü Religion: HYENA’


Up and coming Los Angeles-based duo, .They, are two of the most talented R&B singers and songwriters of this generation. To showcase their undeniable talent, Dante Jones and Drew Love have officially released their debut album, Nü Religion: Hyena.

The 15-track effort is featureless and includes their lead singles, “Deep End,” “U-Rite,” and “What You Want.” Back in December 2016, VIBE spoke to the Mind of a Genius Records signed singers about their style, among other interesting topics.

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“There’s a lot of flavor and mix of different sounds out there. I brought all of those influences and blended them when I met this guy,” said Drew. “Everybody’s out for their self. That’s why it’s hard to really make it out there (D.C.). I had to go to L.A. before I really was able to spread my wings and find some type of success.”

The Taking Back Sunday, New Edition, Babyface and Kurt Cobain-influenced signees have definitely found a lane to captivate audiences. .They first appeared on our radars back in 2015 with their 3-track EP, Nü Religion.

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Stream Nü Religion: Hyena below on Spotify as well as Apple Music .