Trump Supporter Admits To Saluting A Six-Foot Tall Cardboard Version Of The President


Just one month into his presidency, Donald Trump held his first 2020 re-election campaign rally in Melbourne, Florida on Saturday. (Feb. 19) While the awkwardness between Melania Trump and the president was blatant and unsettling to witness, it was a zealous Trump supporter who made headlines.

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During a post-rally interview with CNN, Gene Huber spoke passionately in favor of Trump and all he’s done during his short time in office. He also said that ever since Trump threw his hat into the political ring, his loyalty has never wavered, and every day he salutes a six-foot tall cardboard cut out of the president.

“Mr. President, I’ve been with you for two years every single second of every single day,” Huber said. “I’m with you. I’ve got a six-foot cardboard box of President Trump in my house and I salute that every single day, and I pray and tell him ‘Mr. President, I pray for your safety today.’ “

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At the rally, Trump continued to discredit the press, while attempting to push his administration’s agenda. In a spontaneous moment, the president brought Huber on stage to help galvanize the crowd. In a pre-rally interview, Huber said he arrived 13 hours prior just to be the first in line, which to him was an honor.

Not even a month in and #Trump campaigning for 2020 – did y’all peep the sign blacks for trump?

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Like we said, totally not weird. Watch Gene Huber’s interview below.

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