Wale Is Somehow Able To See The Light In Donald Trump’s Presidency


In just three weeks of his presidency, Donald Trump has threatened women’s reproductive rights, caused a nationwide frenzy at airports due to his travel ban, given the green light to the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, and hired a number of unqualified helpers to his cabinet. Most of his actions have been met with harsh criticism and protests, but Wale has a different perspective. In a video captured by TMZ, Wale thinks there are some benefits to Trump being in office.

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“If there’s any silver lining in this sh*t, is that people of all walks of life are coming together,” Wale said of the president. “And that sh*t makes me feel proud for humanity.” Although Wale didn’t seem to be in favor of the current Commander-in-Chief, he admitted that he saw a huge change in the country because of him. “We got a wild person in charge right now, but what I see happening is less hate among different creeds,” he added.

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Let’s be clear, Trump himself has not united the country. Arguably, he’s done just the opposite by signing executive orders to isolate certain demographics based on religion or political views. But Wale may be on to something in another respect. Since Trump’s presidency, all citizens from different walks of life have joined forces at rallies to protest Trump’s policies. The Women’s March on Washington, which was the largest inaugural protest in U.S. history, was only the beginning of the anti-Trump movement. Since then, there have been protests against the travel ban, the new U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy Devos, and many more problematic actions. So ultimately, it looks like Wale had a point here. Let’s just hope the country will continue to come together despite Trump’s administration trying to divide it.