Waka Flocka Airs Out His Issues With Gucci Mane On “Was My Dawg”


It seems like the entire rap world was loving Gucci Mane—except his old friend, Waka Flocka flame

Earlier this week, the former Brick Squad member spoke on his relationship with ex-friend and mentor during an interview with BBC Radio 1xtra.

“It ain’t going at Gucci. Everybody think because I put a picture up that says, “Was my Dawg…” y’all don’t understand how many DMs I get. It ain’t even hateful. It’s people really out here like, “Yo bro, I don’t care what y’all got going on. I don’t care if y’all got beef. Make it happen. We want see it,” Flocka said to BBC’s Charlie Sloth.

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On Wednesday (Feb. 8,), Flocka released a scanting diss track dubbed, “Was My Dawg.” While Flocka doesn’t name Gucci, it’s clear that some lyrics are aimed at Big Guwop. Waka raps: “Always yelling Brick Squad/Always talking fam first/When your a** got locked up, you turned on the fam first.”

Soon come….

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Listen to “Was my Dawg” above.