White Supremacist Arrested For Attempting To Carry Out A Massacre “In The Spirit Of Dylann Roof”


It seems that even when you set one evil up for the death sentence, another one emerges from the cracks and attempts to prevail. It was reported Wednesday (Feb. 15), that white supremacist, Benjamin Thomas Samuel McDowell, was apprehended by the FBI for planning a massacre at a synagogue in South Carolina.

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The FBI states that the 29-year-old documented his intentions on Facebook in a culmination of anti-Semitic posts. In a conversation he had with an undercover FBI agent, McDowell incriminated himself by admitting his intentions. He claimed that he wasn’t equipped enough to carry out a bloodshed in a manner that he would deem honorable to Dylann Roof.

“I’ve got the heart to do that s***, but I don’t have the good training,” he allegedly claims. “If I could do something on a f****** big scale and write on the f****** building or whatever, ‘In the spirit of Dylann Roof.’”

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The South Carolina native never disclosed a specific target to the FBI agent for his premeditated slaughter, but he did post a link to Facebook of the Temple Emanu-El Conservative Synagogue in Myrtle Beach, SC.

At the time of his arrest, McDowell was in the parking lot of a Myrtle Beach Hampton Inn holding a bag. In his possession was marijuana, a cell phone, and a handgun and ammo sold to him by an undercover agent.

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