Alternative Facts 101: 10 Lessons From Ben Carson’s School Of Thought

Ben Carson is hoping to make a mark as President Donald Trump’s secretary of Housing and Urban Development but instead has taken on the role of your rambling professor with less facts and more wacky and damning statements.

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As the only African-American of Trump’s cabinet, the former beloved neurosurgeon integrated immigration and slavery in an effort to spark unity to his staff on Monday (March 6). His words were questioned by political pundits, director Ava Duvernay, Samuel L. Jackson and more who wondered about Carson’s logic. It also rolled over onto Twitter where others shared other possible plausible thoughts from Carson.

Carson’s frame of mind shows us that the brightest aren’t prone to the whiff of ignorance. Here are some other comments from Carson you shouldn’t use in a scholarly essay or as an inspirational Instagram quote post. Check them out in the gallery above.

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