Ain’t No Encore: 25 Songs Least Likely To Be Performed Again


Hip-hop feuds are to some a staple in the genre that has challenged the lyrical and creative behavior of artists like Jay Z and Nas, 50 Cent and Ja Rule and now, Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma. The two female artists dominated recent talks in the culture after Nicki released three tracks on Thursday (March 9), one being “No Frauds” which takes aim at Remy’s “ShEther” record. It’s tough to see if this is the end or the beginning of another round of punchlines, but it does remind us of other feuds that formed after artists collaborated on hit records.

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The artists in the gallery above have dominated the charts and even took home awards for their work, but it wasn’t enough to save their music or personal relationships. We’ve seen Rocko and Future’s recent spat play out in the public as well as fallouts with Kanye West, Jay Z and Kid Cudi.

Heartbreaking as it may be, we still have the jams to fill up our playlists but won’t be seen on a grand stage.

Take a look at the songs that will more than likely never be performed by these former collaborators.

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