‘Day Without A Woman’ Organizer Arrested During Protest


As women across New York City and the nation come together clad in red to show the rest of the country how royally f**ked they would be if women decided to bow out for a day, activist and one of the premiere Donald Trump trolls Michael Skolnik took to Twitter Wednesday (March 8) to reveal that ‘Day Without A Woman’ organizer Paola Mendoza was arrested.

Mendoza, who was the artistic director for the nationwide Women’s March on Washington back in January, gave her followers a play-by-play of the accounts that led up to her arrest.

Shortly after Mendoza’s Tweet, she along with other co-organizers Carmen Perez, Tamika D. Mallory and others were placed in a police van, tweeting her followers she didn’t know where officers were taking her.  

Thousands of women came together to demonstrate their power. This is the second large scale demonstration these organizers have accomplished, with the purpose being to resist the Trump administration and other oppressive systems.

Update: Mendoza and other organizers were taken to Manhattan’s 7th precinct.