Virginia Teachers Will Reportedly Join ‘A Day Without A Woman’ Demonstration, Prompting School Closures

The Women’s March organizers seek to leave an impact on history this month by calling on women worldwide to “not engage in paid and unpaid work” on March 8. In recent news, 300 public school workers within the Alexandria City Public Schools system have already requested that day off to reportedly participate in the Women’s Strike.

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According to CNN, those employees in the Virginia-based school district will not report to work, prompting school officials to nix classes. Out of the 16 schools within that area that will be closed, six schools will remain open to serve students breakfast and lunch.

“This is not a decision that was made lightly. We have been closely monitoring requests for leave on March 8, including communicating with school leaders and our education association,” a statement from ACPS reads. “The decision is based solely on our ability to provide sufficient staff to cover all our classrooms, and the impact of high self absenteeism on student safety and delivery of instruction. It is not based on a political stance or position.”

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Millions of people protested in late January of this year to ignite change in the face of Donald Trump’s controversial mandates. His policies have also affected immigrants, specifically with the “Muslim Ban.” In February 2017, “A Day Without Immigrants” sparked national protests to highlight the economic contributions of those who migrate to the U.S. for a better life, but a few businesses terminated those who participated, which prompted the discussion of whether this would be deemed a violation of their constitutional rights.

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March 8 also marks International Women’s Day.