Alicia Keys Curtly Responds To Adam Levine’s Makeup Comments


Alicia Keys remains a crusader for amplifying her all-natural appearance from magazine covers to red carpets to her position on NBC’s The Voice. The decision seemed to be part of a liberating process for the Here artist, garnering support from fans who joined in the movement to abstain from makeup.

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However, according to Adam Levine, Keys reportedly dipped back into the pond of cosmetics. Per .Mic, the Maroon 5 band member appeared on Howard Stern’s show to discuss The Voice’s behind-the-scenes happenings, and his thoughts on A. Keys’ makeup-free visage.

When Stern asked for Levine’s thoughts on the matter, he shared what happened when he joked about the decision with the mommy-of-two. “She was putting on a little bit of makeup and I was like, ‘Oh I thought Alicia doesn’t wear makeup,'” he said. Keys then curtly responded with, “I do what the f**k I want.”

In Spring 2016, Keys wrote a powerful letter detailing her decision to wear no makeup. It was partly spurred by breaking the societal ideals that a woman must conform to as to not be deemed an outcast. Once Keys broke through that barrier, she unlocked a new level of self-empowerment.

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“I felt powerful because my initial intentions realized themselves. My desire to listen to myself, to tear down the walls I built over all those years, to be full of purpose, and to be myself!” Keys wrote. “The universe was listening to those things I’d promised myself, or maybe I was just finally listening to the universe, but however it goes, that’s how this whole #nomakeup thing began. Once the photo I took with Paola came out as the artwork for my new song “In Common,” it was that truth that resonated with others who posted #nomakeup selfies in response to this real and raw me.”

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