Amber Rose Says She’s Done Dating Ball Players Because A lot Of Them Aren’t Smart


Amber Rose has a few rules men must abide by if they want a chance with the bald-head beauty. One of them being they must be intelligent.

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During an interview with The Tomorrow Show, the entrepreneur–who recently parted ways with her Dancing With The Stars beau Val Chmerkovskiy, said she’s done dating ball players because some, not all, are “airheads.”

“Listen, that’s what I’m attracted to, extremely smart men, always have been. I need guys that are articulate and that can teach me something,” Rose said. “That’s why I really don’t date like ball players and stuff, like I’ve tried but I’m turned off because they’re not very smart. Most of them, I don’t want to say all of them, but most of them are kind of airheads and I’m just, I can’t.”

The How To Be A Bad Bitch author has been linked romantically to Toronto Raptors’ Terrence Ross and Houston Rockets point guard James Harden, and while she didn’t mention their names during the nearly two-hour interview one can’t help but wonder. Rose also made it clear ex-husband Wiz Khalifa is absolutely the love of her life, and despite not being together the 33-year-old admits they have a great co-parenting relationship.

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“The cool thing about me and Wiz is that we still love each other very much. Even when we leave each other like he gets the baby we still peck each other on the lips, we give each other hugs, you know, ‘Alright I love you, bye pumpkin,’ ” Rose explained. “You know, it’s just we’re still a family even though we’re not together and I’m happy about that, you know, it’s still like a very good relationship. But by far Wiz is the love of my life, absolutely.”

Check out the full interview below.

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