Angela Rye Puts Joe Walsh In His Place: “I’m Not Talking To Bigots”


Angela Rye has a powerful voice and is no stranger to utilizing it to speak out against lies and discrimination. Earlier today (Mar. 29), the political commentator spoke with CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin and conservative talk show radio host Joe Walsh.

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Viewers were treated to the interview thanks to a debate between Walsh and Rye on Twitter last night (Mar. 28), in which Walsh claimed that former President Barack Obama “was held to a lower standard” because he is black.

Rye attempted to keep a level head from the start of the segment, but Walsh pushed a button that couldn’t go unnoticed. After calling out Rye for “going off” by welcoming race and gender into a conversation that he deemed unwarranted, he continued to push the agenda until Rye could no longer ignore his “bigotry.”

“I’m sick and tired of this White House, as I was sick and tired of this campaign treating people less than because they’re different because they are black, they’re different because they crossed the border, they’re different because that they serve a different God, or their God is known by a different name,” Rye said. “I’m tired of difference being disrespected and mistreated by this White House.”

While the CNN commentator clarified that she wasn’t calling Donald Trump nor Sean Spicer racists, Rye stated that what she was saying was that “Sean Spicer is not April Ryan’s father.” During a White House press briefing on Tuesday (Mar. 28), press secretary Sean Spicer told journalist April Ryan to “stop shaking her head.” From there, Walsh said that Spicer has treated white male reporters in equally disrespectful behavior to that of Ryan. Rye then introduced a tweet as her explanation for why she considers Walsh a bigot.

The two went back and forth defending or tearing down Barack Obama’s presidential qualifications. Walsh claimed that number 44 had no experience and wasn’t properly vetted as other candidates in the past have been. Rye went to bat for the former First Family by stating that Obama “hurdled every bar that was put in front of him.”

“When Michelle Obama said, ‘when they go low, we go high,’ they did that at every turn,” she explained of the former First Couple. The interview continues with Walsh dodging inquiries of his opinion on Trump’s qualifications as president and Rye shutting down his accusations.

Watch the debate below.

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