Azealia Banks Once Slashed Her Sister In The Neck With A Box Cutter

While Azealia Banks and her legal team prepare for her latest dance in court, prosecutors revealed over the weekend the Harlem emcee isn’t a novice when it comes to physical confrontation. In 2009, the “212” rapper slashed her sister in the neck, arm and hand with a box cutter.

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According to the New York Daily News, Assistant District Attorney Shea Donato revealed the past crime the day before Banks was to appear in court for biting the boob of a bouncer in December 2015 after being thrown out of a New York City club. In relation to the slashing of her sister, Banks plead guilty to attempted assault but was given special treatment due to her age at the time.

Donator however didn’t stop there. The D A also brought up Banks’ run in with Russell Crowe in which the 25-year-old accused the actor of being the “primary aggressor” during an altercation in a Miami hotel room. Witnesses debunked her claims and she was later “discredited by police.”

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Jury selection for the biting boob case begins Wednesday, and Banks’ attorney Jess Berkowitz said she’ll testify in her own defense during trial. Banks faces assault and harassment charges.