Beyonce Makes Surprise FaceTime Call To Fan Battling Stage-4 Cancer

Houston teen, Ebony Banks has courageously been battling a rare form of stage 4 cancer, which has unfortunately limited her from enjoying her senior year in high school. So to bring high school to her, students at Alief Hastings High School organized #EBOMEETSBEYONCE, a social media campaign, aimed at arranging a meet-n-greet with Beyonce. Lo and behold, it worked! Beyonce surprised Ebony with a FaceTime call Wednesday (Mar. 22), and she pretty much reacted how we all would have.

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During a graduation ceremony orchestrated by Ebony’s friends at the Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, the teenager received a call. To her surprise, it was her number one idol. “I love you Beyonce,” Ebony said in a video recorded of their exchange. “I love you,” the singer replied. That is so sweet!

After a few more displays of affection, the phone call ended, sending Ebony into a state of pure bliss. “Beyonce is on her idols. She admires he so much,” fellow classmate Katrina Gutierrez told ABC.

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While it’s definitely rare to get a FaceTime from the Queen Bey herself, the “Halo” singer has been known to pop in to visit patients at various hospitals from time to time. But since doctors have reportedly ordered Beyonce on bedrest while she awaits the arrival of her twins, she definitely has a lot of time on her hands. So fans could only hope that means more calls. Check out the heartfelt exchange between Ebony and Beyonce below.

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