Brandy Rusher, Former ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Contestant, Wounded In Houston Shooting

On Sunday (March 26), Brandy Rusher, a former America’s Next Top Model contestant, was wounded after a fatal shooting in Houston, Texas, ABC 13 reports. The gun violence erupted in the Harvestock Hills apartment complex around 6:30 p.m. CST, leading investigators to confirm that 15 to 18 rounds were fired into a crowd of people before the three assailants fled in a white vehicle.

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Wayne Rusher — Brandy’s brother — and another victim named Christopher Beatty died from their wounds. A semi-automatic rifle was used in the incident. Alongside Brandy Rusher, 33, three other victims sustained injuries. Police report that there was a prior heated argument between two groups of people that could’ve played a role in the deadly shooting.

Harvestock Hills was under surveillance by law enforcement before the incident occurred. The county’s Deputy Thomas Gilliland said the area “has been a project the sheriff’s office had for several years now. We do have an officer here, we do have deputies that work here overtime.”

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Brandy Rusher appeared on cycle four of ANTM in 2005. She was known for her fire engine red afro and athletic stature. Rusher was eliminated by episode four, but shared that the show gave her “an inside look allowing me to have a reason to strive harder,” per Heavy. Following her television appearance, she studied fashion design at Houston Community College.

A search for the suspects is still ongoing.