Man Arrested For 1999 Homicide After Cops Nabbed Him For Skipping On Subway Fare


The crimes of one man’s past caught up to him in the form of fare evasion. According to the New York Daily News, Curtis Batchelor was arrested for the 1999 murder of a 56-year-old woman after officers arrested him for skipping out on the $2.75 subway fare.

Once they ran the 41-year-old’s information through their criminal database, officials noticed that Batchelor failed to provide a DNA sample for a previous arrest in 2013. He was detained and pled guilty “to felony drug selling charges,” the news site adds. Now, when Batchelor was nabbed by officers for using a student MetroCard earlier this year, they noticed that heĀ failed to adhere to a court mandate that he hand over a DNA sample. Once he complied with this recent arrest, his DNA made its way through the system and was linked to the murder of Elsa Grullon.

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The homicide occurred in the Highbridge section of the Bronx where cops discovered Grullon covered under a blanket. The woman suffered 22 stab wounds. Batchelor was also a tenant in the same building as Grullon. At the time of the murder, the Daily News states cops’ search spanned as far as Virginia.

Batchelor now faces criminal possession of a weapon, rape, and second-degree murder charges.