Cam’ron Only Condones Snitching When It Involves Donald Trump

Apparently in 2017, “snitches get riches” – if you let Cam’ron tell it. In a 2007 interview he had with Anderson Cooper on CBS News, he was asked if there was ever a situation in which he felt it was okay to talk with the cops. Cam’ron replied, “Yeah, definitely. ‘Hello,’ ‘how you feel?’, ‘everything alright?’ period.” Now, the Harlem native did a complete 180 on the topic of snitching.

During an appearance on the Daily Show (Feb. 27), Killa Cam believes certain parties hold a “civic a** responsibility” to snitch on “President Agent Orange’s” immoral behavior. He calls on the intelligence communities, government bureaucrats, and “disgruntled third wives who didn’t sign up for any of this s***” to give us the low-down on what the current president has cooking up in the Oval Office.

Of course, the Dipset affiliate doesn’t expect the favors to go unnoticed. He announced, “For now on, snitches get riches.” Anything goes for a patriotic cause, I guess.

“Remember America, keep snitching.”

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