“A Day Without A Woman” Organizer Carmen Perez On Championing Women’s Rights In Latino Homes

“A Day Without A Woman” – the follow-up to the historic Women’s March on Washington – is underway this International Women’s Day (Mar. 8), and organizer Carmen Perez wants to ensure Latinas get involved.

In an interview with Latina Magazine, the Justice League NYC co-founder notes that it’s essential for young women to divorce the idea that they can’t speak up without coming off ungrateful for opportunities that are available to them—a narrative that was once prevalent in her home.

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“I’m constantly trying to represent that for the next generation of young Latinas to be themselves,” she explained. “If I can begin the conversation at home about feeling empowered and talking to not only our abuelas of how we are valued to our employers, that’s the direction we need to head.”

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The longtime activist understands that many women cannot afford to miss time from work and encourages them to join hands in solidarity by wearing red and refraining from purchases, unless buying from woman or minority-owned businesses. However, she calls those who can to the frontline.

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“For our communities who have the privilege in being able to take the day off, it’s an opportunity for us to lift up those voices of marginalized communities and to ensure that the women who aren’t able to participate’s stories and work are always lifted up,” she said.

“So again, I’m encouraging these young women, the next generation of Latinas to have those conversations with our parents and our grandmothers because we are in a different climate as marginalized Latinas. We have to take a stand and have a voice to protect [our communities].”

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