Chance The Rapper & Family Stage United Front Against Criticism From ‘Chicago Sun Times’

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No matter how much love you get, if you’re a person in the spotlight, there’s going to be some sort of hate coming your way eventually. Chance The Rapper got a taste of that yesterday evening (March 8). The Chicago Sun Times released a news article updating the public on private issues regarding the custody case between himself and Kensli’s mother, Kirsten Corley.

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The news article then veered off to take the form of an opinion piece, claiming that the details of the case could tarnish the Grammy-winning artist’s “clean-cut image.” The specific discord that the columnist and editorial board member, Mary Mitchell, points at is Bennett’s request to have the normative 20% of income for child support be reduced and require both parents to contribute financially to their daughter. The article then goes into grave detail about the parents’ personal lives regarding living arrangements, division of parental responsibility and more. To add fuel to an already invasive fire, Mitchell closes her piece with an implied dig at Chano’s moral compass writing: “After all, you cannot donate money to benefit children you don’t know and come off looking like you are being stingy when it comes to your own child.”

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The children that Chance doesn’t know that she’s referring are those in the Chicago Public School system. Chance recently donated $1 million to the system, which Mitchell demeans its impact by stating that his contribution “won’t make a dent in the $215 million deficit.”

Chance The Rapper took to Twitter with his family to clear the air and remind the masses that he isn’t concerned with what Mitchell, or largely, The Chicago Sun Times, has to say about him or his family.

Family always.

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Chance The Rapper has been on a uphill rollercoaster dating as far back as his Grammy-winning Coloring Book album release. The vast majority of media coverage referencing the rapper has been centered around his highs rather than digging into his personal affairs. But, we’re sure the rapper made his feelings pretty clear on how he feels about those who do: “Y’all better do y’all jobs and stop worrying about how good my family is.”