Chance The Rapper & Octave Minds Featured In New 1800 Tequila Spot

Worlds collide in the latest ad creative from 1800 Tequila, which leans on a unique, high-energy soundtrack from Octave Minds featuring Chance the Rapper to highlight the duality of the brand’s character: refinement with an edge.

The song, “Tap Dance,” beautifully blends the EDM-meets-jazz style of Octave Minds with the raw, rhythmic lyricism of Grammy darling Chance, and when layered over a quick-cutting sequence that juxtaposes two disparate sides of the protagonist’s life – one-part pianist, one-part boxer – the track’s almost genre-less quality represents an identity that cannot be defined by one trait.

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This two-sided story is the hallmark of 1800’s latest mantra, “Just Refined Enough.” According to the brand, the new positioning aims to break through tired liquor stereotypes and spark a new conversation about the multi-dimensional nature of modern masculinity. However, the essence of the campaign isn’t entirely unfamiliar territory for the tequila brand – over the past year, 1800 has explored raw yet refined talent by delving into the world of hip-hop.

Through partnerships with Billboard, 1800 worked with notable hip-hop artists such as Rae Sremmurd, Travis Scott, Wale, and Mike WiLL Made-It to shed light on urban lifestyles by tracing the artists’ roots.

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