Charlamagne Tha God Slams Nicki Minaj With “Donkey Of The Day”

When Remy Ma premiered “Another One” on Hot 97 Thursday night (Mar. 2), the Internet was far from impressed with what failed to be nearly as lethal of a lyrical blow towards Nicki Minaj as “shETHER.”

However, the Bronx emcee did succeed in predicting the future on the nearly seven-minute long diss, given that Charlamagne Tha God hit the “Make Love” rapper with “Donkey of the Day” on Friday (Mar. 3). “What we not gonna do is let anything distract us from the fact that Nicki Minaj got bodied over the ‘Ether’ instrumental, got hit with ‘Another One’ and has yet to respond,” he said on The Breakfast Club.

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The shock jock maintained that the Terror Squad veteran misfired with her second go at her rap nemesis, but isn’t willing to let Nicki Minaj off the hook as easily as other critics. “Nicki, if you’re really the rapper you claim to be, it’s just a rite of passage in this game. You gotta show us you can get busy,” Charlamagne later continued. “And this asinine reasoning that Nicki doesn’t have to reply because ‘Another One’ isn’t as dope as ‘shETHER,’ where’s the logic in that?”

As for the Queens emcee’s comparisons to Jay Z, the Black Privilege author says they’re null and void if she chooses not to follow his lead. “Please don’t think that you’re above replying to Remy Ma, Ms. Nicki Minaj. I know that you like to compare yourself to Jay Z. You put out an album called The Pinkprint, which was a play on Jay Z’s The Blueprint. Do you know what song was featured on The Blueprint? The ‘Takeover’–a Jay Z diss to Nas and Mobb Deep. Hov never thought he was too big to clap at people who was getting at him, so why do you?”

Does Charlamagne have a point? Weigh in below.

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