24-Year-Old Chicago Woman Accused Of Killing Boyfriend By Forcing Bleach Down His Throat


A 24-year-old woman is accused of killing her boyfriend by forcibly pouring bleach down his throat. Yasmine Elder, of Chicago, was arrested and charged with first degree murder in the death of Darius Ellis, whom she had reportedly only been dating for a month.

According to prosecutors in the case, the couple got into an argument after he picked her up from work early Monday (March 6).

Elder subsequently pulled Ellis’ dreadlocks and proceeded to hold him down with her knee before pouring bleach on his face. Some of the bleach also went down Ellis’ throat.

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After the incident, Ellis was heard saying that he couldn’t breathe, the Chicago Tribune reports. Meanwhile, a witness claimed Elder laughed when she was told that Ellis could die.

“The defendant admitted to pouring bleach on the victim and then laughed at the witness when she was informed that the victim might die,’’ Assistant State’s Attorney Joseph Carlson said during Elder’s bond hearing Thursday (March 9).

Ellis, a 26-year-old father, was rushed to a hospital where he was pronounced dead at 3:59  a.m. Monday. An autopsy noted his cause of death as “complications from forcible administration of a caustic substance.”

Elder is currently being held on $1 million bond.

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