Cincinnati Night Club Shooting Leaves One Dead And 14 Injured


Police are looking for a shooter that fired off several rounds inside a popular Cincinnati night club early Sunday morning, (March 26) leaving one dead and 14 injured.

According to initial repots, an altercation between specific individuals or groups began earlier in the day and eventually came to a head while at Cameo Night Club in the city’s east end area. Several attendees are now undergoing surgery, Cincinnati Police Sgt. Eric Franz told CNN.

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The club owners oftentimes hire extra security on the weekends, with Friday night’s being for those 18 and older, and Saturday’s for the 21 and above crowd. A little after 1am on Sunday, a witness told investigators he heard the club’s DJ call for security for about 10 minutes. Shortly after, about 20 shots were reportedly fired in the club, which led to pandemonium.

“It was just a lot of chaos, obviously, when the shots went off,” Cincinnati Police Department Capt. Kimberly Williams said. “People (were) just trying to get out of harm’s way.”

Cincinnati Assistant Police Chief Paul Neudigate told a local CNN affiliate there are several victims who have life threatening injuries, and that investigators would be combing the scene and speaking to witnesses to piece  everything together.

“We are in the middle of a very horrific situation that occurred at the nightclub with multiple victims,” Neudigate said. “It’s going to be a long night for our homicide units to investigate.”

Ohio Gov. John Kasich took to Twitter to offer his condolences to the victims and his full support of the investigation.

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“Saddened to learn about last night’s shooting in Cincinnati,” Kasich tweeted. “Our prayers are with the victims and families of all of those involved.”I’ve instructed our administration to offer any assistance the state can provide.”