Brazilian Soccer Player Convicted Of Murdering Girlfriend And Feeding Her To Dogs Finds A New Team

A Brazilian soccer club was heavily criticized last week (March 14) for bringing in convicted murderer Bruno Fernandes de Souza to play goalie for Boa Esporte despite the charges against him, prompting outrage from fellow surrounding communities. The 32-year-old is currently out of prison after serving six of his 22-year sentence and has an appeal on the horizon. A Supreme Court justice ruled de Souza could not be jailed indefinitely while his appeal case is yet to be heard, so he is back to playing professional soccer—a public relations nightmare and a transaction that would have no chance of happening in the United States.

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Bruno was convicted along with an ex-girlfriend and two other men for playing a role in the strangling and torturing that led to his then girlfriend’s brutal death. It gets worse, Bruno was also found guilty of cutting the victim’s body up and feeding pieces of her corpse to dogs. De Souza’s girlfriend went noticeably missing around the time she sued him for unpaid child support for a child he denied was his, but was later proven wrong by DNA testing.

The goalkeeper recently spoke with ESPN Brazil defending his character as a human being: “Mistakes happen in life, especially when you’re around people where money and fame blind you. It’s not that what people say does not hurt. It hurts, it hurts and I am accustomed to dealing with the pressure.”

De Souza continued to say he was not a “bad guy,” “The person who leaves the world where I was and asks for an opportunity does not become a bad guy. I’m not a bad guy. I made a mistake. Was it a serious one? It was serious. My family suffered a lot from that,” de Souza said. “I have made many people around me suffer and now in the most difficult moment of my life they have stayed with me.”

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“Dude, what happened, happened. You have to repent of the things of the past and become a better person. It’s not because you’re deep in the pit that you have to stay there, no. If you have people reaching for you, you have to climb. But how to serve a sentence if I was a temporary prisoner? I think so, just as justice has been done against me, an hour has to be done in my favor, too.”