Corey Finesse & Howie DoDat Show Us “What The Money Does” (Video)

Money affects every human being differently. While some believe money ain’t a thing, Brooklyn rappers Corey Finesse and Howie DoDat knows that their bank accounts run their daily lives. After they shut down all the “Gossip” and stacked their cash up in “Count It Up” at the top of the year, both NuLa Ent artists recently joined forces once again to show the world exactly “what the money does” to them.

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In their new video, Corey and Howie meet up for a quasi-lit gathering with a couch full of girls from their block. As they hit the streets in search of a good time, the NuLa duo proves that their riches only encourage their haters to keep on hating.

Watch Corey Finesse & Howie DoDat in their video for “What The Money Does” below.