Jonah Hill Directs Danny Brown Into A Dark Place For His “Ain’t It Funny” Video


Jonah Hill doubles down as music video director for Danny Brown’s disturbing “Ain’t It Funny” visual, which stars the Atrocity Exhibition artist playing the role of a drug addicted uncle in the satire filled spoof.

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The video also stars director Gus Van Sant as the dad of the messed up family in the Growing Pains inspired flick along with Lauren Avery starring as the daughter and actress Joanna Kerns—who takes on the responsibility as the loving mother of the family.

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Then you have your classic annoying little bro, hilariously known as just “This F****ing Kid.” The visual contains an aesthetic you would see in a sit-com from the late ’80s, except the content would have given the FCC a heart attack. Jonah Hill got his point across with actions that leave you with a WTF state of mind. Whether it’s Uncle Danny pissing on pictures of the fam or scarfing down prescriptions pills, the actor-turned-director lead this one in an unconventional way.

This isn’t Hill’s first go around directing music videos. He choreographed Sara Bareilles’ “Gonna Get Over You” back in 2011.

Watch the painfully dark but incredible visual, which will be released as a physical single on Record Store Day (April 22).

Ain’t It Funny

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