Dave Chappelle Calls For Progressive Change In Law Enforcement At Hometown City Council Meeting

It looks like Dave Chappelle is dabbling in politics on a local level. The comedian reportedly addressed a city council in his hometown of Yellow Spring, Ohio, on Monday night (Mar. 7), to call for progressive change in law enforcement and policing. During his brief call to action, he suggested that progress on a smaller scale could create a snowball effect around the country.

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In a two-minute clip of the council meeting, Chappelle began by referencing an incident that occurred between police and residents on New Year’s Eve, in which several people were aggressively handled by law enforcement, according to the New York Times. The event quickly gained national attention and resulted in the police chief’s resignation. Despite considering the gathering a “huge gaffe,” the comedian said it gives the town an “opportunity to be a leader in progressive law enforcement.”

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Moving forward and in search of a new police chief, Chappelle asked the council to “look deeply and look hard because this is a golden opportunity.” “[This could] literally, could kill the game. In this Trump era, there’s an opportunity to show everyone that local politics reigns supreme. We can make our corner of the world our standard,” he added.