Faith Evans, Mase And Lil’ Kim Will Join Diddy For Performance After Debut Of ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’ Documentary

Twenty years have passed since the death of Biggie Smalls, who was praised by the masses as one of the greatest lyricists to command the mic and set the tone for other artists, specifically those on Diddy’s Bad Boy Records. His memory was recently commemorated on Mar. 9 with various events that lifted up his presence, but a forthcoming visual presentation will take a deeper look at not only Biggie’s imprint on the aforementioned label, but how the company rose to prominence.

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Earlier this month, the Tribeca Film Festival announced the debut of Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: The Bad Boy Story, directed by Daniel Kaufman. Viewers will witness a flood of details surrounding the impact of the longstanding label, hear the individual stories of a few popular artists, and discuss the murder of Biggie.

To cap off the event, Diddy announced via press release that a performance will follow the film’s screening. The No Way Out artist will hit the stage alongside Faith Evans, Lil’ Kim and his shiny suit brethren, Mase, giving attendees at the Beacon Theatre a chance to relive Bad Boy’s reunion tour of late last year.

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“New York is home. This is where Bad Boy began, where the movement started. There was never a question in my mind that this film would premiere right here where it all started,” Diddy said. “This is the story of our family — the biggest names in hip-hop history — and what happens when we came together for the first time in two decades. There were ups and downs, a lot of hard work and sacrifice — and more than anything, you see that love that only exists in a family.”

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop will premiere on April 27. Tickets will be available here on March 21.