T.I.’s Son Domani Releases New Album, ‘The Constellation’


T.I.’s son Domani Harris is surely carving out his own lane in the rap game as he follows up his previous self titled EP with a brand new full length project, The Constellation. His new effort features his lead single, “Paris,” featuring Bankroll Mafia member London Jae.

The ten track LP is a dreamy, thoughtful, and soulful project that shows that Domani isn’t just another carbon copy rapper. It’s a smooth piece that not only showcases his full capabilities as lyricist with his crazy wordplay and rhyme patterns, but is an honest look into his own narrative as a growing and developing young man.

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Domani believes that the stars must be aligned in order for people to see his unique talent for who is he, rather than anyone’s expectations.

“I feel like I gotta have all my stars aligned so people can see who I really am, to see me for who I am. I’m getting all the stars aligned so people can see that I’m a true artist. I want people to just enjoy the music and put aside what they expect me to sound like, look like, be like because of my background.”

If there’s any kind of comparison to his pappy Tip, it’s that he continues his heritage in making great and relevant music that resonates with listeners everywhere.

Listen to Domani’s impressive full length debut here.