Don Cheadle Pinpointed The Exact Moment His Disgust For Trump Began

There are many celebs who have been vocal about their disapproval of Trump, but Don Cheadle is in a whole new ballpark. The Academy-Award nominated actor doesn’t appear to even know how to bite his tongue, and continues to demonstrate this inability via Twitter.

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On Saturday, (March 4) 45 took to Twitter to allege that 44 wire taped the White House phones. Providing no evidence for this damming accusation, Obama was forced to take time off from his well deserved chillin to actually acknowledge and deny the claims. However, when the Miles Davis star got wind of Trump’s latest rant, he went to battle of sorts with a few Trump supporters who also follow him, and then detailed when his disdain towards the president began.

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While Cheadle admits the incident in question in which Trump exhibited misogynistic and racist behavior towards his friend’s daughter happened way before he took office, he notes that the behavior hasn’t stopped since being sworn in as president.