Donald Trump Responds To Snoop Dogg, And Of Course, Calls Rachel Maddow “Fake News”

America tuned in Tuesday night (March 14) when MSNBC host and journalist Rachel Maddow took to Twitter to announce she had a portion of Donald Trump’s 2005 tax returns. An hour later, all eyes were on the outspoken and witty reporter as she informed viewers the first two pages of Trump’s 1040 were found in the mailbox of investigative journalist David Jay Johnson.

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However, on Sunday, Snoop Dogg released his “Lavender” video in which he shoots actor Michael Rapaport dressed as Trump with a prank gun. The video was slammed by Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and ruffled more than a few conservative feathers. Now, with Trump’s tax returns finally making its way to the public, one would assume if you’re going to respond to anyone it would be the journalist who unearthed your financial documents, yes?  Not quite. On Wednesday morning (March 15) 45 decided both Snoop Dogg and Maddow could catch the heat of his fiery Twitter fingers.

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Trump’s Tweet raised proverbial Internet eyebrows, especially because he famously said during his Iowa campaign rally he could shoot someone and still stand strong in the polls. “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters,” Trump said.

A moment later he then in typical Trump fashion accused MSNBC of reporting “fake news.”

Donald Trump Jr reacted to Maddow’s live broadcast and said releasing a copy of his father’s tax returns was illegal, to which Maddow laughed in a very Maddow way.

Maddow and Johnson both denied knowing how the two pages of Trump’s tax returns ended up in Johnson’s mailbox. Johnson, a 50-year-investigative financial journalist, said it could’ve come from a bevy of places including Trump himself.