Donald Trump Convinced Himself That He Has “Tremendous Respect” For Women


Women across the globe will probably agree that they would’ve appreciated a silent and indifferent Donald Trump, than the “respectful” one we got for International Women’s Day (Mar. 8). The former Apprentice host decided to utilize Wednesday, which hosts the #ADayWithoutAWoman protest, to exercise his digital acting skills. Trump took to his favorite mode of communication, Twitter, to announce his “tremendous respect” for women and to “honor the critical role of women here in America & around the world.”

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Because of the president’s verbal track history with women, we find it hard to believe that the tweets were genuine. The counter argument could be that there’s some double meaning behind his truth. Possibly, when Trump was referring to the “critical role” of women in America and around the world, he was referring to their role as dogs, gold diggers, wives, and “beautiful pieces of a**.” Perhaps he was referring to his infamous remark about his fondness to utilize women’s crotch areas as his palming devices. His own words throughout the years, not mine.

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Either way, the comments couldn’t have come from a positive place. The only other alternative that may offer a positive view of the situation is if Kellyanne Conway rushed to the Oval Office’s couch to schedule the tweets during Trump’s meeting with HBCU officials. I mean, she has a twisted view of feminism, but at least she reps for women in positions of power, I guess.

CREDIT: Twitter