Dress Code: Simple Versatility Makes Notoriouss Clothing “Sicker Than Your Average”

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Founder: T’yanna Wallace
Happy Customers: Jadakiss, Stevie J, Angela Yee, Faith Evans
On Notoriouss Clothing’s Humble Beginnings: I went to Penn State University and studied Business Management. Studying business helped me a lot with starting my own business because it taught me all the technical parts about starting a business, like copyrighting and legally owning my business. It was easy for me to incorporate info from school into my business plans.

My second year of college in 2013 is when Notoriouss was born. I already knew I wanted a clothing line, but [I] had never put any effort into making it happen yet. I had a friend who was very into his music. He worked so hard at it that it made me want to work more on my line. I created a couple designs, got shirts and sweaters made and did a quick photoshoot with my friends at school.

Once I posted the pictures online, a bunch of media outlets were talking about it, and it made me want to continue more. When I decided I wanted my line to be dedicated to my dad [The Notorious B.I.G.], I didn’t want people to think it was just “a Biggie clothing line.” So I added the extra S because I add my style and swag to it.

When Brooklyn comes to Harlem ! 🗽🏦

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On The Design Process: I include my personal style in my line, and I like to ask my peers what they would like to see in the line. I also listen to my dad’s music for design ideas.

Their Uniqueness In The Marketplace: My goal is to make my brand appeal to all ages. I feel like anybody can find something they like within my brand because it’s very versatile.

How The Founder Wears Notoriouss: It’s easy to dress up or dress down with clothes from my line, so I never have a hard time choosing. I dress according to my mood, so I’ll pick whichever piece matches how I feel.

Favorite Item In The Current Collection: The Notoriouss Jogger sweatpants & Notoriouss pullover hoodie, because they’re both the most comfortable.

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J’na Jefferson, Contributing Writer
To keep things 100, my taste in clothes changes with each passing day. One day, I’m wearing wedges with a sundress. The next day, I’m leaning towards boho-chic and then the day after, I’m taking a dip in the streetwear pool. Although my closet is the equivalent of a party sized bag of Chex Mix, what I can reveal about my style is that I enjoy keeping things simple yet effective. That’s where Notoriouss takes the W- their uncomplicated approach to everyday style. Whether I’m on-the-go or typing away at my MacBook Pro, the line works for my lifestyle.

CREDIT: VIBE/ Stacy-Ann Ellis

Given my fascination with pop-culture, I can’t help but love the Frank White tee featuring the one and only, Biggie Smalls, which both guys and gals could add to their get-up without overpowering whatever you may be wearing under or over. It’s neutral yet bold, and truly puts the “ease” in “steez.” Whatever style mood I may be in that day, Notoriouss is helpful to add in a tinge of my personality to my outfit.

CREDIT: VIBE/ Stacy-Ann Ellis