Protest Continue Across Country In Wake Of NY Grand Jury Verdict In Chokehold Death Case
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Officer Who Killed Eric Garner Reportedly Guilty Of Infractions That Require Disciplinary Action

No surprise there.

The officer responsible for placing Staten Island native Eric Garner in a fatal chokehold in July 2014 reportedly had a history of disciplinary complaints filed against him, which ultimately required more attention and disciplinary action, The New York Daily News reports.

Documents stating that Officer Daniel Pantaleo had four complaints from the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB), were obtained by from an anonymous employee from CCRB.

The site states that the organization provided enough evidence to support four issued complaints, and suggested disciplinary action for Pantaleo years before the incident with Garner. However, in a statement to the site, the CCRB refused to confirm if the records were legitimate, but the agency shared that a complaint number on one of the documents was from an actual case.

Amid the release of the reports, lawyers aren’t too surprised by their findings, claiming that the NYPD is fraudulent. Civil rights attorney Joel Berger echoes these sentiments. “The NYPD disciplinary system is a farce and this proves what a farce it is,” Berger said. “Lose a few vacation days? These are red flags. Someone should have taken notice. This was an officer with problems. We all suspected it. This proves it.”

“That level of force comes with a pattern and practice of getting away with that with other people," added legal aid lawyer Tina Luongo, saying she wasn’t “surprised” Pantaleo had these complaints before killing Garner.

Essentially, these disclosures came after legal aid lawyers pressured a panel of judges to force the city to release disciplinary action documents for those cops being protected under state civil rights law 50-a.

However, like in any controversial battle against authorities, which then in turn exposes their corrupt wrong doings, resistance from other officials comes to light. Pat Lynch, the head of the largest police union, the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, shared his thoughts on the matter.

"The leak of such information is simply another demonstration of the CCRB's inability to function in the fair and impartial manner prescribed by the City Charter,” Lynch said. “It is an agency that actively solicits complaints, places pressure on citizens to continue questionable claims and presides over a system that encourages the pursuit of false, unsworn allegations. Their ineptness is well documented and well known and renders virtually any information released or leaked by the agency as meaningless.”

The site stated that Pantaleo was accused of failing to get medical assistance for a civilian back in 2009. Additionally, he struck someone with an object in 2011 and had a slew of car stopping violations in 2012. In 2013, he was also accused of using physical force against another person.

Whether or not obtaining these records against Pantaleo is ethical, there is no denying that the chilling incident that took place on July 17, 2014 spurred a national movement with Black Lives Matter.

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Trailblazers Portrayed In 'Hidden Figures' To Receive Congressional Gold Medals

Engineers Mary Jackson and Christine Darden, mathematician Katherine Johnson and computer programmer Dorothy Vaughn are being honored with the highest U.S. civilian award.

The four trailblazers, three of whom were depicted in the film Hidden Figures, will receive Congressional Gold Medal, ABC News reports. U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) helped introduce the Hidden Figures Congressional Gold Medal Act, a bipartisan bill signed by President Donald Trump last Friday (Nov. 8).

As the highest civilian award in the U.S., the Congressional Gold Medal recognizes those who have performed an achievement that has had a lasting impact on American history and culture.

Johnson, who celebrated her 101st birthday last summer, calculated trajectories for numerous NASA space missions beginning in the early 1950s. Vaughn, who died in 2008, led the West Area Computing unit for nine years, and was the first black supervisors at the national Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, which later became NASA.

Jackson, who died in 2005, was NASA’s first black engineer. Darden became an engineer at NASA 16 years after Jackson and went on to “revolutionize aeronautic design.” She was also the first black person to be promoted to Senior Executive at NASA's Langley Research Center, and has also authored more than 50 articles on aeronautics design.

“Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, and Dr. Christine Darden made monumental contributions to science and our nation,” said Senator Harris. “The groundbreaking accomplishments of these four women, and all of the women who contributed to the success of NASA, helped us win the space race but remained in the dark far too long. I am proud our bill to honor these remarkable women has passed Congress. These pioneers remain a beacon for Black women across the country, both young and old.”

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Courtesy of Crawford Family, WVLT

Authorities Release Grisly Details Of Alexis Crawford’s Murder

Alexis Crawford was strangled to death before her body was thrown in a trash bin, the Fulton Country Superior Court revealed in court documents released on Tuesday (Nov. 12).

Crawford died on Oct. 31, reports the Atlanta-Journal Constitution. Four days earlier, the 21-year-old Clark Atlanta University senior filed a police report against her roommate, Jordyn Jones's boyfriend, Barron Bentley, accusing him of sexual assault. Crawford had a rape kit performed on her at a local hospital. Crawford's decision to go to police caused tension between her and Jones, which erupted in a physical fight.

“As a result of the physical altercation, Barron Brantley choked the victim until she was deceased,” the Atlanta Police Department said.

After killing Crawford, Jones and Brantley, both age 21, stuffed her body into a “plastic bin” and transported it to Exchange Park in Decatur, Ga., where they left her remains.

Crawford and Jones knew each other for at least two years, and became close while studying at Clark Atlanta. The Michigan native even visited Crawford’s family’s home during the holidays.

Brantley confessed to Crawford's murder and led police to her body last Friday (Nov. 7). Jones was arrested the following day.

Brantley and Jones are both charged with felony murder and are being held without bond.

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