EVRYWHR Debuts Heart-Warming Visuals For Tribute Single “Mother To Be”

Warning: some of you may get baby fever after watching EVRYWHR’s sweet visuals for “Mother To Be.” The singer-songwriter dropped the music video in the middle of March, proving Mother’s Day goes all year long.

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In the nearly five-minute video, the artist is depicted with the mother of his child. As he soothingly serenades her over a melodious beat, visuals show the ups and downs of motherhood and relationships, from pains to petty arguments, and of course the happier moments. “Let me be the first to tell you, you’re beautiful / And when emotions seem to sway, I’m your yours no matter what you say / I know the sacrifice you go through for this life inside of you,” he sings. The video also incorporates long shots of his pregnant lady draped in white fabric, overlooking the horizon as well as gracefully treading water.

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“Mother to Be,” which was originally released in late Feb. 2017, comes from EVRYWHR’s forthcoming Shannon EP, which was inspired by the mother of his own child. As previously noted, the EP’s lead single is supposed to convey a sense of compassion, love and support for women as they endure the journey of creating new life. “I could never begin to understand the strength of women until I was given the opportunity to witness the mirror of my soul take on carrying our son,” the singer said. “This song is a gift from my heart that says, ‘I understand that I will never truly understand, but I am here for you.'”

Check out the music video for “Mother to Be”  below.



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