Faizon Love Engages In Physical Altercation With A Valet Worker In Ohio

On Tuesday (Mar. 7), actor Faizon Love made his way through a Columbus, Ohio airport, assumably on his way to a destination, when he instead ended up in handcuffs. According to the Associated Press, the 48-year-old engaged in a physical altercation with a valet worker, which was recorded on camera, via TMZ.

Within the visual, Love is seen using force to serve as the dominant figure in the squabble, which according to defense attorney John Moore, stemmed from a payment disagreement.

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Love appeared in Franklin County Municipal Court on Wednesday (Mar. 8), where he pleaded not guilty to one count of misdemeanor assault charge. Before paying a $2,000 bond, Love spent one night in jail. The incident occurred within the baggage claim space.

Details are still forthcoming.

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