The First Black ‘Bachelorette’ Says She Will Not Pick A Man Based On Skin Color

Rachel Lindsay, the first black person to be the lead in 33 seasons of The Bachelor/The Bachelorette franchise, says that she’s starting to feel the pressure of potentially finding “the one.”

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The show is famous for displaying the highs and lows of the dating game. The 31-year-old civil defense litigation attorney says that the biggest question she gets from fans is if she’s looking to make history again by selecting a black man as her winner.

She told The Hollywood Reporter backstage at the show’s “Women Tell All” reunion special that this is her moment, and she doesn’t want to let society’s beliefs of what love looks like to change that.

“Honestly, I don’t want to go into this process with any preconceived notions or any pressures to do something for somebody else,” she explained. “I hate to sound selfish, but it’s my process. It’s my journey in finding love. And whether that person is black, white, red, whatever — it’s my journey. I’m not choosing a man for America, I’m choosing a man for me.”

“I’m hoping that as a black Bachelorette you’re going to get to see a more diverse cast, a cast that’s reflective of what America looks like,” Lindsay continued. “And not just Bachelor Nation or whatever else, but what America looks like.”

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Tell ‘em, girl!