Future Apparently Uses $1 Million Cash As “Inspiration” In The Studio

Future and DJ Khaled recently shared a moment from their latest studio session on Instagram Wednesday (March 29), and it was definitely one of the more unique studio experiences. Instead of a booth full of vixens and cups topped with lean, Future decided to fill the room with $1 million in cash money, just for “inspiration,” of course. How’s that for f**king up some commas?

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“Real talk I walk in studio to work on #GRATEFUL … @future said, ‘Khaled I’m #GRATEFUL. I want this #GRATEFUL session to be special,'” the We the Best artist recalled of their exchange. “I said, ‘@future I’m wit u!!’ He pulled out so many bags ! It was a MAJOR BAG ALERT !!” Attached to the caption was an image of Hendrix hiding behind a fan of crisp Benjamins, with dozens more stacks sitting behind him. Other images show him cradling the money.



Khaled also revealed that Future’s little stunt served as a talking point in his verse on their upcoming track. “I’m give y’all the first few words on the verse it went like this! A MILLION DOLLAR CASH ON ME IN THE STUDIO WHEN I DID THIS VERSE @future voice ! I CANT EVEN LIE TO YOU!” By the use of caps lock in Khaled’s caption, it seems like he is telling the truth.

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Finally, the duo shared a brief video with the suspected track playing gently in the background. “Working on my album #GRATEFUL🙏🏽 @future said before we record more verses and hooks for #GRATEFUL let’s inspire each other we do this for our family’s!! EveryTING SECURED,” Khaled wrote under the Insta-video. And in case you thought the excessive show of money was just for bragging rights, Khaled clarified that it was to let “you know hard work” was going on.


Future is just one in a long list of all-stars who are working on DJ Khaled’s forthcoming album Grateful, which will reportedly be executive produced by Khaled’s infant son, Asahd. In a series of Instagram posts, the media mogul also suggested appearances from Justin Bieber, Migos, Lil Wayne, and Chance the Rapper. A release date for the LP has not been revealed as of yet, but stay tuned for more greatness, because knowing DJ Khaled, there is definitely more to come.

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