Future Talks Reebok, Fashion And More: “To Have Influence On The World Is Spectacular”


When it comes to the press, Future is now a man of very few words. That’s a rarity for an artist who just set a new Billboard charts record with 2 back-to-back number 1 albums in a row. Usually, someone who just accomplished such a prestigious feat would be running to tell everyone about it. Not Future though, the proud Atlanta native just wants to move the world with his music.

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“To have an influence on the culture and the fashion world is spectacular,” Future tells VIBE aboard a private plane headed for New York City’s JFK airport. With just an hour left before our charted plane concludes an 8 ½ flight from London, the hottest rapper in the game is awake from a nap — and is reveling about the success of his headlining show for Reebok’s U.K. launch of their newly released Zoku Runner sneaker.

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“I feel like we bring something special,” says Future about his partnership with Reebok. “[We went] above and beyond anyone’s expectations as far as the style and what we choose to put out.” The go-getter was fresh off of a a red eye flight from Los Angeles when he landed across the pond. Over the next 24 hours, the workaholic had to knock out a live interview with DJ Semtex, take numerous meetings and perform at London’s famed Village Underground.

However, it was all in a day’s work for the Freebandz boss. “I [just] wanted to make sure we shine light on Reebok. It’s always been a classic brand and authentic,” Future says further about his love for the historic company. “The Zoku Runner is a shoe you can wear to work out and out [to the club].”

He put the sneakers to the test a few hours after theses very statements when he took the stage for nearly a thousand fans and tastemakers in East London. “I just said f*ck it, let me walk out and see how they feel it,” says Future about the moment he bumrushed the stage at the Village Underground. “It was the first time I was onstage while “Mask Off” was playing.”

While his exuberant performance was filled roars from the crowd and hit-after-hit, Future’s demeanor on the plane as we headed back to the Big Apple was calm, cool and collective. Though short with his words, the trap Phenom was as polite and gracious as Obama. “We wanted to be more involved in the culture and bring something for the kids,” reiterates Future while talking about his goals with the Reebok partnership.

Right before Mr. Hendrix began to show boredom with my questions, I point out that normal citizens can now pay to take a spaceship around outer space. With his well-documented love for Pluto and extraterrestrials, I assumed that he would jump at the opportunity, but as someone who is strictly focused on taking over the music industry — it’s just too much of an uncalculated move right now.

“Nah, I got too many people to take care of on earth,” says Future with a smile when asked if he would voyage beyond the sky. “I can’t take the risk.”

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