Brazilian Soccer Game Takes A Turn For The Absolute Worst


Although we’ve seen what savagery sports aficionados from around the U.S. are capable of, it’s hard to argue that Brazilian soccer fans are not the most passionate ones in the world. During the closing minutes of a derby game between Gama and Brasiliense on Sunday (March 12), we got to witness exactly how invested the fans of the teams were after a tied game ignited an altercation between opposing players.

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During the 89th minute of a game tied at 1st goal, a missed header turned into a player-to-player collision, which escalated to an all-out team and fan brawl at the stadium. Fans got riled up after seeing the players and coaching staff go at it, and began to climb down and join in on the action.

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Almir Camargo, the games referee, called the matches—and the riot team began to shoot rounds of pepper spray at fans who were fighting and ripping away team banners. ESPN reports that fans and even some players were injured as a result of the brawl. Gama representatives say they are taking all the steps necessary to investigate the incident.