’Get Out’ Soars Past $100 Million At U.S. Box Office

Jordan Peele’s socially conscious horror flick, Get Out, has grossed more than $100 million domestically, in just over three weeks. The film is the fastest project from Los-Angeles based Blumhouse Productions to reach the mark, reports Deadline.

In its third week of release, Get Out earned another $21.1 million ($111 million in total gross) to land at No. 3 behind Logan, and the weekend’s top film, Kong: Skull Island.

Besides the box office feat, Get Out’s distinct look at the horrors of white supremacy, earned a record perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes (along with more favorable reviews), sparked the viral #GetOutChallenge, and is being celebrated in memes.

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The film idea has been in the making for almost a decade.“I developed it over the last eight years, really,” Peele explained in an interview with The Verge. “The original story genesis was, I wanted to make a horror movie, and I first zoned in on this idea that I wanted to make a movie about the social fear and anxiety we all have about being the outsider in any group. Very quickly I realized this could be a racial movie. So race wasn’t the initial spark, but I realized it could [be a focal point], and that was where my instinct was coming from.

“As we got into the initial years of the Obama administration, it became more clear than ever to me that race was a conversation people were increasingly uncomfortable having,” he continued. “There was this ‘post-racial’ lie going on. So this movie, the purpose of it became to represent the black experience, but also just [represent] race in the horror-movie genre and in the public conversation, in a way that I felt was taboo.”

The 38-year-old comedian plans to produce more horror films on ”social demons.”

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