Here’s How Women Are Celebrating ‘Harriett Tubman Day’


This weekend kicks off another important holiday for Women’s History Month and a larger movement to enrich the legacy and power of the late Harriett Tubman. Thousands of women on and off college campuses have united for “Harriett Tubman Day” (March 10).

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While it may not be talked about as much as the celebrations of Martin Luther King Jr. or Juneteenth, Ms. Tubman was given a national observance in 1990. Former President George Bush Sr. proclaimed the holiday to fall on the day of her death, March 10, 1913. Since then, Maryland has lead the pack when it comes to events around her honor while New York later passed a bill to make the holiday a legal observance in 2003.

For the past four years, Ebony reports non-profit organization Girl Trek has birthed the movement #WeAreHarriet, which encourages walking for a good cause. With the action being apart of the Civil Rights Movement and Tubman’s makings of the Underground Railroad, co-founder T. Morgan Dixon says the connection was almost accidental.

“At the time, we had no idea we were creating the #WeAreHarriet celebration and reestablishing walking as a healing tradition in the Black community,” Dixon said. “But for us it was simple. We were tired of watching the women closest to us work themselves to early graves by caring for everyone around them, but not themselves. We were sick of watching them die of preventable illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. We didn’t want to meet this same fate and knew that we had to reshape our lives immediately – and the lives of every woman we knew and even the ones we didn’t.”

Starting Friday, Girl Trek and its supporters will have “Harriet House Parties,” that are comprised of hangouts of women setting up their health goals in their community. On Saturday (March 11), women will gather to walk around their schools and community centers.

Read more about Girl Trek and “Harriet Tubman Day” here.

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