Mexico’s Guadalajara Festival Stands Up To Trump During Times Of Intolerance


The Guadalajara International Film Festival returns to Mexico Friday (Mar. 10) for its 32nd rendition celebrating upcoming Mexican/Latin American films. Attendance reached 110,000 last year, said Guadalajara Fest director Ivan Trujillo. Given the political climate in 2017, the festival has taken on a different social direction as influencers in entertainment. It’s a new generation in cinema, in which no subject is off limits.

A short film will kick off today’s festivities featuring Salma Hayek, in which the actress slams Trump’s plans for a United States-Mexico wall. That will only be the beginning of the Trump shadow evasion, as the industry voices their intolerance for the prejudice tendencies of the 45th president.

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Many films at the showcase will address exclusion, whether it’s racism, misogyny, language or homophobia—it’s a crucial time period, and the film industry refuses to ignore societal issues. “It’s important to screen such movies in times of intolerance. The Guadalajara Festival will take a stand as far as Mexico is concerned,” Guadalajara director Trujillo said.

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A powerful documentary creating festival buzz details the life of Latino activist Reies Tijerina, who led a revolt against the U.S. government. “In these Trump days, this is a story we ought to remember or discover,” Guadalajara programming director Gerardo Salcedo asserted.

For more information regarding the festival, visit the Guadalajara Fest website.