‘Have & Have Nots’ Star Shari Headley Says Victim Of NY Stabbing Was Harmless


More information about the life of Timothy Caughman has come to light by the celebrities he adored. Known for her roles on The Have & Have Nots and Coming to America, the actress shared her thoughts on the man who was killed by a white supremacist last week.

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“I don’t know what to say. It took me the entire day to get it together because I do have to work, but I was crying. You can hear my voice, it is a little bit hoarse,” Headley told NY1 Thursday (March 23). “I was crying because I just don’t get it., I just don’t get it.”

The two met in 1991 when Headly starred on the soap series All My Children. Caughman was a big fan of the actress’ work and made sure to tune into her weekly live stream with fans. He also mentioned her quite frequently on his Twitter account (@TimRock715) which he proudly showed off his impressive collection of photos with celebrities. “What kind of world are we living in right now?” she shared with the New York Times. “What a harmless guy. He spends his days just wanting to take pictures with celebrities.”

The former youth mentor and college graduate was stabbed by Jackson March 17. The 28-year-old told police he traveled from Baltimore to New York to kill black men, especially those who dated white women.“He told the cops, ‘I’ve hated black men since I was a kid,” a law enforcement official said. “‘I’ve had these feelings since I was a young person. I hate black men,'”Jackson was arraigned on a charge of murder as a hate crime and will be held without bail.

Headley says even though their friendship sprouted on social media, Caughman’s death still had an effect on her. “Even though it is through social media and meeting him as a fan, it still hits home,” she said. “It is somebody that you know or know of.”

Caughman was also a big fan of Oprah, Beyonce, Wyclef Jean and Chuck Berry. When the rock icon’s death was reported on March 18, Caughman tweeted his love for Berry along with Prince and John Lennon. “Rest in peace John, Chuck, Prince all of you,” he said.

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