Take A First Listen To ÌFÉ’s Debut Album ‘IIII+IIII’


Rooted in the Santería branch of IfáPuerto Rican-based group ÌFÉ succeeds in fusing the likes of hip-hop, dancehall and soul with Yoruba spirituals in tribute to black ancestry on their debut album, IIII+IIII (pronounced Eji-Ogbe).

“One of the advantages about the religion in Puerto Rico and through the Afro-Cuban tradition is that we have the opportunity to literally get to interact with the Orisha through tambores, which are opportunities for possession in a spiritual sense, through music and dance which creates the opportunity to share, in a literal way, with the Orisha,” ÌFÉ frontman Otura Mun told VIBE Viva last year.

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Ahead of their album release on Friday (March 31), the group has premiered a first listen with NPR, which Alt.Latino co-host Felix Contreras vouches is worthy of several spins.

“From the first electronically treated vocal calling out to me like a 21st century Yoruban spirit to the Santeria drums that bounce around inside my head, IIII+IIII is a world conjured by artists who see beyond the horizon,” he wrote. “The band is well schooled on the interlocking rhythms and voices of Yoruban devotional singing, and they treat it with the respect and awe it deserves. But it’s what ÌFÉ does with and to those traditions that unlocked all the possibilities of the unknown for me.”

Press play on IIII+IIII here.

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