King Of The Road: Isaiah Rashad Enjoys The Perks Of Tour Life

Living on the road has its pros and cons — ask any artist who lives out of a suitcase for most of the year. Filling tour dates equates to tour money, however, traveling state-to-state for months at a time can be tedious (well, I imagine that It can).

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TDE’s Isaiah Rashad, who released one of the better album’s of 2016 with The Sun’s Tirade, is currently on his Lil Sunny tour. This week, the Tennessee native released the first vlog from his roadtrip in a 4 minute video where fans get an inside peek of Isaiah and his roadies discussing all the craziness of traveling, current music and more.

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“I’m going to have to record on this tour,” Rashad says to the camera. “Because you are not going to have me on camera rapping other n***as songs.”

Based on Rashad’s charismatic music and slightly hilarious interludes throughout his The Sun’s Tirade, we know that he’s comical. In this Lil Sunny tour vlog, the rapper’s humor comes alive as he visits a Wal-Mart while wearing a mask only to stock up the tour bus with frozen dinners.  They even play a brief game of basketball in one of the store’s aisle.

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If you haven’t had a chance to see Isaiah on the Lil Sunny tour, don’t fret. He still has dates left.

March 8 – Los Angeles, Calif.
March 9 – Santa Cruz, Calif.
March 10 – Oakland, Calif.
March 11 – Reno, Nev.
March 12 – Sacramento, Calif.
March 19 – Portland, Ore.
March 20 – Eugene, Ore.
March 21 – Seattle, Wash.
March 22 – Vancouver, B.C.
March 25 – Santa Barbara, Calif.