Actor James Bland Says A Pastor Reportedly Used His Photo In A Fake Obituary

This is what you call a major plot twist. In a weird turn of seemingly precarious events, a Los Angeles based actor/filmmaker’s photograph was used for a fake obituary.

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James Bland took to Twitter to recount the crazy experience where he professed that people have swiped his pictures in the past for fake dating profiles or other types of accounts.

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“I actually have a folder on my computer labeled ‘stealing my pic’ with all of the screenshots people have sent me over the years,” Bland told Someecards. “Yes, YEARS! I took that photo over 5 years ago and it has made its rounds on the internet; mostly dating sites.”

According to Bland, he was alerted that someone used one of his head shots from five years ago for the faux-death.

However, the story gets even weirder. The man responsible for stealing the picture is a pastor, who allegedly lied to his wife in an effort to have an affair with another woman, BET reports. The pastor said his alleged brother Eddie Grace died, and used that as an excuse to not go to work—to then meet up with his mistress.

See how this bizarre Catfish-style story unfolded on Bland’s timeline below.

Bland also added that the pastor “got fired from his job and employers think it wasn’t his wife who called but his side chick.”

UPDATE: Bland took to Twitter this afternoon (March 28), to share a backstory on what actually transpired.