Joey Bada$$ Slapped With Hefty Lawuit For Shoving A Trump Impersonator Off Stage

Joey Bada$$ is in a bit of a situation at the moment over allegedly assaulting a Donald Trump look-a-like during an MTV event in L.A last year. The impersonator has reportedly slapped the rapper with a $1.5 million lawsuit for allegedly pushing him off of a stage.

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According to video footage taken from the 2016 event, Joey Bada$$ put on a politically-motivated show with a number of impersonators including Trump and Hillary Clinton. In the 46-second clip, a fake Trump, later identified as Phillip Wilburn, was seen wearing a hideous wig and making the president’s signature kissy face. Not long into the gimmick, Bada$$ was seen pushing Wilburn, to which he fell into a crowd of screaming fans at the stage’s end.

As a result of the fall, Wilburn says he suffered from numerous injuries and will possibly need to undergo surgery. The impersonator is demanding that the rapper fork over the cash for his medical expenses as well as compensation for a period of work that was missed.

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While Wilburn probably never expected to get pushed off of a stage, it’s no surprise that Joey would turn on fake Trump.  After all, the rapper has previously discussed his distaste for the Commander-in-Chief and also declined Trump’s Inauguration performance invite in January. With that being said, north of a million dollars seems a little steep for a little fall, but it doesn’t hurt to try. A court date has not been set for this case, but you can check out the concert video below.

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