Junglepussy Releases Hypnotic Visuals For “Somebody”

After releasing her single “Somebody,” Junglepussy right back with visuals for the track to get fans ready for her upcoming performances. Over the weekend, she crushed a set at Petra Collins’ MoMA event in New York City.

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Brooklyn’s own Shayna McHayle, better known to her fans as Junglepussy, captured the mesmerizing visuals throughout an adventure through the forest and into a wood cabin. But it’s not any old place, the vibrant digs prove to be the perfect place for the artist to spread her creative wings.

JP has found her groove as a musician and is sitting on new material that showcases her progression. Junglepussy told Teen Vouge “The last song I wrote for Pregnant with Success was ‘Somebody’. By the end of that project I was so happy with the direction I was headed in, I knew I was finally about to share my favorite parts of myself.”

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The musician garnered popularity from her 2014 mixtape, Satisfaction Guaranteed, and followed the project up with Pregnant With Success, which was released 2016. She went on to explain how her musical growth has opened up new doors for her. “Letting go of the self-imposed urgency I placed on the process of making new music allowed me to take time with myself,” Junglpussy told Teen Vogue. “I needed to be patient with my feelings and just let them be. In doing so, I learned so much more about myself. It’s all a beautiful experience for me and I’m very proud of the results. I’m so excited and eager to share my new music with the world soon.”